Album Release

Well...Its finally here!!!! A 7 year odyssey that has finally culminated into my freshman release. It feels good. I've spent the better majority of my career bettering everyone else's projects. I used to get satisfaction out of that and would wear it like a badge of honor. I even used to go by a certain nickname to go with that success until I realized, I too have a creative mind and I got something to say. So what made me finally decide to do it? What finally made me do my own thing? Well for one I was sick and tired of the local scene I was in doing the same music over and over and over again. I realized that I was no longer content. I used to sit in my room for hours and craft beats for hip hop and r&b artist locally. I also had the vault of material I would keep to myself, hoping that one day I would put something out. Additionally I had plenty of time and experience on the road watching all the right and wrong ways to do business, present yourself and i seen all of the segregation in the music scene. I was too black to play in a rock band because of how the marketing looked. You just never would see a black drummer in a band like Aerosmith, or U2, hell even Blink 182, all of which are great bands but in the scope of the industry, they had as target audience and if you didn't fit that mold then it was just too bad. The only place that i seem to fit in was in black bands doing r&b, blues, gospel, or hiphop and lets not forget jazz. It was artistically stifling. I could play all styles efficiently like the race that was known for that style but because i didn't look the part my press kit wasn't even taken seriously. Behind the scenes was different. I could walk into anyones studio and cut the track and get paid to do that and typically in quick fashion, but then when those projects dropped it would be whoever was in the band. Many times i felt discouraged because i knew i didn't fit doing anything else other than music. Nothing else made be happier then having that experience. Now I get to bask in my own creation for a change. There are so many things i'm looking forward to and I'm definitely around for it.

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