Make It All make sense (cents)

Greetings family,


Peace and Light. Hope that you have a wonderful holiday season for what ever you choose to celebrate. I ask myself as a musician often and I say to the boys. What is the end game? Why do we do this? Do you ever take a moment to ask yourself that? What do you hope to achieve from your music career?. For some this is a hobby. Its a way to make some extra money. You don't see star power in you and your comfortable with that because you just love music as a hobby. If thats you, then you may not find nothing i have to say to be interesting lol. I'm speaking to the people who have sacrificed all and everything, even contemplated selling your soul to devil himself to have a career in touring, discovering countries and making new friends. I don't think money controlled our love for music when we first got involved, but id like to think that once someone agreed to pay us for our talent, we said to ourselves "I can make a living off of this" but that would require to make some sacrifices and take some chances. Some people are not willing to take the chance because they feel like they have too much to lose but never think about what they can gain even in a practical situation. You don't have to chase the top ten or a grammy nom. You can still be successful and make just as much as a 9 - 5 would pay if you would just believe in your self, collect a team of people who believe in you, even if thts just you, and jump in and get dirty. I used to have a mindset that I would be able to be good enough that the right opportunity will just float to me some how, like the law of attraction would somehow bring me everything. I quickly learned that if i was gonna make a go at the life i wanted, it was going to require me to come out of my introversy tree, start talking to people and shake some hands. Its the only to can see if peoples intentions about you are even legit, and I'm not gonna lie, it can break your heart. It breaks your heart when people don't fuck with you. It sucks when you think they fuck with you but find out they didn't the whole time. It sucks to see jealously in your fellow peers who at times project their fears of not being successful on you and make you believe that they're right. It sucks when you have to explain to your real friends that your time is limited because you gotta do shit to make $$$ happen. There is so much more to add. Its stressful, rewarding, ugly and beautiful at the same time and I LOVE IT. I love the challenge but i hate the hoe shit. But the hoe shit helps you see more hoe shit so you can avoid bigger hoe shit lol FIGHT for you dreams. Do it while your young enough to make all the mistakes you can and just because your older doesn't mean you can't, you just to make your plans strategic. We are the messengers and the gift in your message is NOT given for you just to sit home, its healing for the whole world. You have a responsibility. So whats your end game. Choose you weapon and begin...

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